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Blackout Effectors Fix’d Fuzz Deluxe
Posted on January 3, 2016


At first glance, the Fix’d Fuzz Deluxe from Blackout Effectors looks as though it might be a little tricky and complicated, with its vast array of knobs and switches. Turns out, it is, but in the best possible way. With all of these adjustable options, this brilliant fuzz truly allows the user to dial in a wide range of distorted and fuzzy sounds, and will take you from a simple, basic fuzz to sonic dementia that you may well have never encountered before.

There are two separate fuzz channels on the Fix’d Fuzz Deluxe, each selectable by a small toggle switch on the top row, and the level of each controlled by 2 separate Gain knobs on the right-hand side. Both of these fuzz channels are completely different in design and sound, making experimentation and mixing-and-matching these two a major part of the Fix’d Fuzz‘s appeal.There’s a lone Filter control present here, too, capable of completely altering your current tone with the simple flick of a switch. Another great experimental feature, the Filter will give you either buzz-filled, thinner fuzz sounds, or chunkier, warmer and beefier tones, depending which gain stages you’re using and how you set the control knobs.

The Output controls the overall output volume of this fuzz, but is separate from the four toggle controls, which allows you to use the pedal when it’s on even if the 4 stages are bypassed, as sort of a reverse boost thing. Speaking of Boost, this control has a HUGE range to play with, able to easily go from a nice line driving buffer, to a sweet, clean boost, all the way up to a full-on overdrive, able to push both your amp and the fuzz signal to the outer reaches of sonic exploration.

True bypass, 100% analog and made right here in the good old USA, the Fix’d Fuzz Deluxe captures everything you could want in a fuzz, plus gives you a few more tasty options to work with as well. The gang at Blackout Effectors continues to put out rad pedal after rad pedal, so stay tuned for more reviews of their gear coming up in the near future, and check out their website while you wait!